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Treasure Nile Mobile Slot Game

The Treasure Nile mobile slot is a simple to play video slot, and whilst it has no bonus games you could win a large progressive jackpot when playing it!

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Overview of the Treasure Nile Slot

This slot has several optional paylines and it is a fixed coin slot, you will have to put all of the paylines into play to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Treasure Nile Slot Payouts

The Wild symbols, which are the Pyramid symbols, do not award a winning payout they simply stand in for other reel symbols, except the Scarab symbols.

Apart from the jackpot listed above, you will find the payouts which can be won when playing this Treasure Nile slot game below.

Types of casino games

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Slot machines

The slot machines are said to be the most popular and common of all the casino games. This is a best online casino game which can be played without any prior knowledge about casino games. In this online casino gambling poker game, the players are required to deposit some coin and pull the lever to have the three reels spin which consist of multiple symbols. The slots also need small amount of bets which the gamblers can afford quite easily.


This type of online casino gambling poker game involves the spinning wheel with a small ball and various numbers written on it. The biggest online casino players bet on the number on which the ball would land while the wheel would stop. Players can bet on less odds and the combination of prospective numbers.


It is one of the most well known card games and best online casino game which can be seen in the biggest online casino. The objective of winning this game is to get closer to 21 with all the cards. The simplicity of this game has made it popular among the gamblers. The gambler who would be able to score close to 21 will win and who would get more than 21, will be busted. The number cards in this online casino gambling poker game are the face value like queens, kings and jacks worth 10, and aces worth of 11 or 1.


It is basically a lottery game. 20 of the 80 numbers are drawn through the balls which are marked with numbers. The players have to guess the numbers which would be drawn and it would be guessed from one to all the twenty numbers.


It is a dice-rolling game. In this game, the roller throws two dice, therefore tries to roll the number again. As per the casino strategies, there are a number of players who can place the bet for any specific roll.